When my husband and I lost our child, it was important for us to find ways we could remember our son in our lives. We decided to name him and hold an annual fundraiser in honor of Jude. In speaking to other families, they too found ways to remember and memorialize their child in their lives. Some had formal religious ceremonies; others had their own unique rituals for remembrance. Below are ideas of ways you may want to remember your child in your life. You will find what feels right for you and your family. 

Naming your child - I found it was important for me to name our baby and to identify this baby in our family. When I speak about the loss, it helps me to call my baby by his name. 

Jewelry - Some women have found wearing a bracelet or necklace representing their child helps them in their healing. There are websites which will provide for you special jewelry to remember a lost child. 

Remembrance Services - Some local churches/chapels hold annual remembrance masses that families have attended to help them remember their child in a supportive environment with other families who have suffered loss. We will try to provide the most up to date information about these types of services. Please check the local events page. 

Journaling - Some women have found that journaling about their experience and writing to  their child helps in processing their grief and aids in their healing. 

Memorial Service - Some families have said that they have held a memorial service for their child and this was important for them as a part of their grieving process. 

Memory Boxes - Some families have found creating a memory box with items from the hospital, pictures of the baby, items that belonged to the baby, etc. have helped them to process their loss.

Planting a Tree - deciding to plant a tree and watching it grow throughout the years is a symbolic way of remembering this life.

Children's Memorial at the Edgartown Lighthouse - parents can purchase a cobblestone with their child's name engraved on it to add to the memorial. Visit www.mvmuseum.org/childrenmemorial.php or www.childrenslighthousememorial.org for more information about the lighthouse memorial or contact Betsey Mayhew at 508-627-4441 ext. 112.