The following are websites my husband and I found helpful. They aided us in learning about our child's disorder as well as helped validate how we were feeling about our loss. 

October is the official Pregnancy and Early Infant Loss Awareness Month. The following website is helpful in finding ways to remember your child

The Sweet Pea Project is a project which provides blankets for hospitals to be given to families who have suffered a loss. It was established by a mother who had suffered the loss of  child to stillbirth. To learn more about this project, please visit:

The pregnancy loss website is helpful for reading about your loss and how you may be feeling about your loss and provides information about what you may need to help cope with this loss.

The March of Dimes provides information about pregnancy loss, help in healing from a loss, and information about birth defects and pre-natal care.

A Heartbreaking Choice is a online forum and informational website for families who have had to interrupt a pregnancy because of poor pre-natal diagnosis.

The Tears Foundation is a non profit established to assist bereaved parents with the financial expenses they face in making final arrangements for their baby who has died. They also offer peer companionship and continued support around the loss of a baby.

Project Rachel Retreat for Hope and Healing After Abortion is a one day retreat designed to help women hurting from past abortions experience the personal love of Christ and find hope for healing. This project is sponsored by the Project Rachel Ministry - Archdiocese of Boston. Contact Project Rachel at (508) 651 - 3100 or email

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October 15th, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day